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20 museums to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

MUSEUMS   The MUSEUM OF TRAVNIK The  Museum of Travnik was founded in 1950. For the purpose of housing exhibits and collections, different objects were originally used in Travnik, such as the Austro-Hungarian Prison, Varoška…

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26 phone numbers you may need

Country code: +387 Police: 122 Fire Department: 123 Emergency: 124 Roadside assistance: 1282/1285/1288   Tourist agency C&C d.o.o Sarajevo Dr. Mustafe Pintola 9, 71 000 Sarajevo +387 33 863 788   Court interpreter for arabic…

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99 words and sentences

People Lica/osobe I Ja You Ti He On She Ona It Ono We Mi You Vi They Oni, one, ona   Greetings Pozdravi Hi! Zdravo! Good afternoon! Dobar dan! How are you? Kako ste?  …

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