Many agencies also organize day trips to Kravice waterfall. It is about 40 kilometers  from the beautiful city Mostar. At that point, the water of the Trebižat River fell from a height of 30 meters, creating a 150 meter wide natural orcestar, creating a natural representation that, to a lesser extent, of the Niagara Falls, of course. Entrance fee is 10KM(5 €) and parking is 2KM(1 €) per hour while the whole day is 6KM(3 €).


A beloved location for nature lovers is also Hutovo Blato  a unique wetland (swamp) in BiH and one of the richest wetland bird reserves in Europe. Entrance for foreigners is 4KM(2€).There are also boat tour of the whole area, prices can get from 60KM(30 €) to 300KM(150 €).


Počitelj is one of the oldest and most valuable cultural and historical monuments. Entrance to the walls of the Old Town is free.

Within one-day excursions also obliges to visit Tekija in Blagaj and the spring of the Buna river, which is one of the most beautiful  and largest springs in Europe and maybe the best example of the underground Karst river. Buna emerges from a 200-meter-high rock cave and independently creates a dark blue-emerald green river, which flows nine kilometers to the west to the also very amazing  Neretva near the village of Buna. The entrance to this mysterious Tekke building is 4KM(2€).

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